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Empowering robots with human-level intelligence represents one of the ultimate goals of robotics research. With increasing levels of autonomy for medical robotics, the regulatory, ethical and legal barriers imposed give rise to the need for... more

With more than 10,000 psychologists in attendance, Linda Durnell, PhD will provide clinicians and educators with current insights on new technologies such as virtual reality, (VR), augmented reality (AR) robotics, therapeutic innovations and technology driven-education. It is necessary to explore how technological innovations can be effectively used to facilitate learning and promote high levels of personal efficacy through engagement, presence and positive emotions. The need to examine in depth how virtual reality (VR) as an experiential technology, can support transformational change in... more


BIOMEDevice San Jose connects more than 2,000 engineers and executives across Silicon Valley's medical device design and manufacturing industry. BIOMEDevice is a powerful, end-to-end industry showcase, and from contract manufacturing to components, it delivers the full spectrum of cutting-edge solutions. Lichorowic will be speaking on the following panels:
Panel: Technology Monitoring Methods for Time-Challenged Teams
Panel: The Rise of Surgical Robots
Panel: Secrets of Disruptive Innovation

... more

Linda Durnell, PhD presented at the VR and Healthcare Symposium at Harvard Medical School

The Role of VR/360° in Promoting Behavioral Change. Research presented at Harvard Medical School VR Healthcare Symposium, March 5, 2018. The... more

Dr. Durnell’s current research, the Emotional Reactions of Viewing a Crisis in Virtual Reality (VR), was presented at Stanford’s 3rd Annual Innovations in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health: Virtual Reality and Behavior Change

This symposium seeks to fulfill the need for... more

The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is the largest and most informative healthcare investment symposium in the industry, bringing together industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology creators, and members of the investment community.

A profound shift which is both nuanced and complex is underway amidst the morphing technology landscape and there is an opportunity to create a better future through immersive tools.  Virtual Realtiy (VR) can be used as a tool to develop new ways of seeing ourselves and the world—a tool to create emotional experiences and bring change to people or conditions that are in need.  VR and social advocacy are a “perfect storm” to help move people, corporations and ideas toward a new set of values, beliefs or attitudes and ultimately…action.  

The Psychology Behind Immersive Technologies will be addressed.  Specifically, how is VR pushing the boundaries in journalism and documentaries? 

Speaker: Internet of Medical Things: Cybersecurity for Connected Devices, Princeton

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We deliver engaging educational content to the biomedical, biotech, and biopharmaceutical space by developing conferences, symposia, webinars, Meetups, and committees throughout the year. The dynamic content for this programming is largely suggested and facilitated by our dense community of scientists, IT experts, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. These activities are made possible through the energies and expertise of... more

Guest speaker Johns Hopkins University, on Computer-Integrated Surgery, technology transfer, product commercialization and process management for regulated devices and general industry practice.

The MD&M East Expo and Conference is the largest, most important and comprehensive medical manufacturing event on the East Coast. It’s the gathering point for more than 500 leading medtech suppliers and manufacturers, including 3M, Abbott, The Tech Group, Phillips-Medisize, and Stratasys. 

Lichorowic is Presenting on "Technologies Converging to Advance Surgical Robotics:  Exploring how robotics, analytics, visualization technologies, connectivity and more are improving surgical robotics, and anticipating the evolution of surgical... more

Join this special presentation with faculty member Linda Durnell, PhD as she discusses ‘What’s New in Neuro and What does it Mean?’

Fielding students and faculty were panelists for two well-attended sessions on virtual reality. At right (from left), Program Director Jerri Lynn Hogg, faculty member Pamela Rutledge, and adjunct faculty Shane Pase, Tunisha Singleton, and Linda Durnell made up the panel for Stealth VR through the Application of Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology. (Watch the panel here).

In VR Design with the Mind in Mind: Presence and Reality, Fielding alum and media strategist Cynthia Lieberman, MA,... more