About Madison Lane Consulting Group

The Madison Lane partners have been operating in Silicon Valley since 1999 and the group remains dedicated to developing or providing a complete business team that executes strategies and operational tactics for FDA strategy, new market development and technology development and training. 

Madison Lane partners specialize in bringing medical and technology devices to market: technology development and engagement strategies in the US and International markets. Each of the Madison Lane partners maintains over thirty years of technology industry experience that includes diverse roles such as CEO, interim CMO and CTO.

As we look at the technology-driven economy, it is clear that companies need to go beyond the traditional approaches in order to gain critical insights necessary to design meaningful and successful products, and strategies. With the fundamental and transformational changes in technology, we have essentially redesigned the way we think about business operations.

Madison Lane helps clients structure new management teams and develop both domestic and international partnerships and joint ventures. Their focus has included development for rapid growth with start-up companies and restructuring for mid-level companies through venture consulting partnerships, funding opportunities, acquisitions, product and business development, brand psychology and audience engagement strategies. Specifically, Madison Lane partners address the medical/clinical and IT markets and assists companies in globalization, media and marketing development and funding efforts.

"As we have seen, technology such as VR, AR and AI continues to disrupt and we help companies navigate this ever-changing business climate."