About Madison Lane Consulting Group

The Madison Lane Consulting Group has been operating in Silicon Valley since 1999 and has worked with Medical device companies, Enterprise Corporations, SMB, over 30 start-ups and has been affiliated with numerous venture groups and private equity capital firms.  Madison Lane Consulting Group is dedicated to developing or providing their client base with a complete business team that promotes product development, FDA, media and marketing strategies.

The Madison Lane Consulting Group specializes in bringing medical and technology devices to market: technology development and engagement strategies in the US and International markets. Each of Madison Lane Consulting partners maintains over thirty years of technology industry experience that includes diverse roles such as interim CEO and/or CEO advisor, interim CMO, CTO, and business and product development.

One consistent theme to emerge from the financial restructuring of 2008-2011 has been the need to re-evaluate the way in which we approach investments.  As we look at technology driving the economy, it is clear that companies need to dramatically change their business models in order to sustain profitability. With the fundamental and transformational changes in the way we do business, we have essentially redesigned the way we think about business operations.

Madison Lane Consulting guides clients with structuring new management teams and developing domestic and international partnerships and joint ventures. Their focus has included organizational development for rapid growth with start-up companies, restructuring for mid level companies, venture consulting partnerships, funding opportunities, acquisitions, product and business development, brand psychology and audience engagement strategies. The Madison Lane Consulting Group has addressed the model of business engineering, specifically designed for medical and IT companies competing in the post-financial collapse era that promises to assist companies in globalization, media and marketing development and funding efforts.  

"As we have seen, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to distrupt and our business engineering model has helped companies to navigate this ever changing business climate. For example, our successful M&A strategies for emerging technologies helps our client base to reach critical mass faster.  Developing a complete business team promotes collaboration for more effective creation of sustainable technologies."

The Madison Lane Consulting Group realizes that intellectual assets are as important as physical assets and through collaboration, consolidation, and harnessing emerging technology, they help businesses achieve the first to market advantage that any competitive industry demands.